Why we can't get results

Writings 2008.01.23 17:58
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Will this cat achieve anything?

Forget the myriad of self-help books that claim they have a panacea spread out like butter over its pages. For the record, I do believe in scientific and logical reasons for human beings unable to perform beyond certain limits.

Below I offer a simple equation that should be applicable to real life:

Re[(E * T)+(F * M)] =  R
(D + S)

Re: Resource
E: Effort
T: Time
F: Focus
M: Motivation
D: Distraction
S: Stress
R: Result(s)

Do your math.

In reality, however, we are either not powerful, rich, or lucky enough to attain our goals even though each one of us may be highly qualified, able, and competent. Vested interests will attempt to guard the secrets of know-how, know-where, and finally know-who. Life isn't fair, get used to it.
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