Ah! mes amis, quel jour de fête!

Composition of the Day 2015.02.19 09:00

Flórez on the role of Tonio: If you don't have those high notes secure, you'll be crazy to sing that opera. You will be - really - committing psychological suicide. Ah! mes amis is an aria that requires very bright, very shiny, very luminous high notes.

Where do you put that note? You don't know. In a piano you know where the notes are. In the voice it's somewhere there. But there's a space for that high note where it comes shiny, loud, bright. And you have to put it in that position - and a little higher is wrong, a little lower is wrong, a little to the side is wrong - so there's a lot of control going on, but you have to sound and look like you're just having fun.

Tonio is from Tyrol. That music is a yodel. So it's supposed to be (yodels) - it's his music from his country. Nowadays we have turned it into a (modern tenor singing) - laser beams, which people like. I don't think they'll like anymore (more yodeling). They would: "Come on, man. Sing!"

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