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Writings 2007.06.28 01:33

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Here’s an attempt at explaining the ‘perpetual search for a significant other,’ as opposed to ‘it’s simply instinct.’


In the modern world where meritocracy prevails, the individual is left unhappy and stripped of one’s unique qualities, even though we try to believe that we are free-willed people leading a special life. One is distraught because he is unable to neither attain the wealth he desires nor become the person of his aspirations. However tantalizing these dreams may be they only lead to further frustration.


This fact is made conspicuous by the way we have transformed our lives. Our ancestors who lived in traditional societies had much less to worry about. The ruling class used religion to justify their reign over the masses by professing that one’s status is god-given. Close knitted communities allowed only the most wicked to stray, hence providing a strong bond - in other words a sense of belonging.


Nowadays we don’t know the names of our neighbors, tacitly accepting that they, too, are unaware of who we are. It is therefore through love we regain our lost individuality, and by being able to reconcile with the inner self, we crave and cherish it.


With a loved one we are whole again. No longer an interchangeable part of this cruel world, a lover is appreciated for his or her smallest details. A loving relationship fulfills one’s role in finding meaning to life. No wonder it’s the favorite subject of art, entertainment, and our conversations.

(Photo taken in Madrid. 2006. 8)

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