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  1. 2016.06.12 Hörst du sie noch?
  2. 2016.02.04 Liebestod
  3. 2016.01.04 Introduktion - Wie du warst! Wie du bist!
  4. 2015.08.19 Die Fledermaus - Ouvertüre

Hörst du sie noch?

Composition of the Day 2016.06.12 09:00

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Composition of the Day 2016.02.04 09:00

It was in his choice of Isolde that Carlos went well beyond the norm.

He chose Margaret Price. This Welsh soprano had never sung the role on stage and never would. Everything she brought to the recording came in pure form, unfiltered by stage experience or theatrical tradition, unmediated by any other hand than his. Price was almost eleven years younger than Carlos and wholly open to his point of view. Her attitude, the startling purity and ardent passion of her voice, her superb diction and collegiality made an ideal partner in this enterprise.

—Corresponding with Carlos: A Biography of Carlos Kleiber, Charles Barber

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Introduktion - Wie du warst! Wie du bist!

Composition of the Day 2016.01.04 09:00

There exists a remarkable pirate DVD of Rosenkavalier. It is of the 23 March 1994 television broadcast with Felicity Lott (Marschallin), Anne Sofie von Otter (Octavian), Barbara Bonney (Sophie), and Kurt Moll (Ochs) with the Vienna State Opera and Chorus. It is unique for one reason: in Act III Kleiber is seen conducting throughout. His image occupies the bottom right quarter of the screen. In the prelude to this act he is also seen full-on. This film is a stunning revelation of the mechanics, the drive and inspiration, the podium leadership of Carlos in opera. He conducts entirely from memory. His eyes watch the singers 90 percent of the time. He rarely cues or mouths the text. His face is alert to every nuance, both in anticipation and reply. As we can now see, the tales of his magnetism, told over many years by many singers, appear to be true. Although not a prompter in the conventional sense, Carlos prepares, leads, and concludes every line at telling hand. Inevitably he makes little asides to his players, and their responses provoke quiet laughter from him. At one level, this is a document of the tradecraft and witchcraft of great conducting. As this pirate escapes into the public domain, it will become required study ars maxima at every conducting academy in the world.

—Corresponding with Carlos: A Biography of Carlos Kleiber, Charles Barber

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Die Fledermaus - Ouvertüre

Composition of the Day 2015.08.19 09:00

Who had the ultimate left hand? Kleiber or Szell? We shall never find out.

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