'Claude Debussy'에 해당되는 글 4건

  1. 2017.08.08 Clair de lune
  2. 2016.08.29 Sonate pour violoncelle et piano
  3. 2016.04.09 La plus que lente
  4. 2016.02.24 Estampes

Clair de lune

Composition of the Day 2017.08.08 09:00

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Sonate pour violoncelle et piano

Composition of the Day 2016.08.29 09:00

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La plus que lente

Composition of the Day 2016.04.09 09:00

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Composition of the Day 2016.02.24 09:00

<La soirée dans Grenade>

On the most purely technical level—the question of simply pushing the keys down in the right rhythm—no single way of playing the piano can cope with such a wide variety of styles. Even if you have developed a very personal technique, you will not place your hand on the keyboard in exactly the same way when performing Bach and Bartók: different muscles come into play. Your legato touch will not be the same in Beethoven and Debussy—or if it is, there is something defective about your sense of style.

I remember how disconcerted I was, after spending some weeks of concentration on Debussy, in order to prepare and record the Images and the Estampes, to discover an initial and almost willful disinclination of my fingers to play an all-Beethoven program that followed close on the recording sessions. Rendering Debussy’s extraordinary art of dissimulating the articulations of the piano sonority, concealing some of the initial percussive impact of the struck notes, developed physical habits of performance that made Beethoven seem odd and ineffective. The world of Debussy is a seductive oasis, and it is hard to leave it after spending many days immersed in its atmosphere. Playing Debussy—or any other composer with a strong and idiosyncratic personality—affects not only one’s cast of mind but the physical disposition as well, the way the muscles work and the fingers come into contact with the ivories.

—Piano Notes: The Hidden World of the Pianist, Charles Rosen

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