'Die Zauberflöte'에 해당되는 글 2건

  1. 2015.07.15 Ach, ich fühl's, es ist verschwunden
  2. 2015.07.14 Der Hölle Rache

Ach, ich fühl's, es ist verschwunden

Composition of the Day 2015.07.15 09:00

The diva as Pamina in 1991. Never to be seen on an opera stage again since her dismissal from the Met. In hindsight this aria is almost prophetic: "Ah, I feel that all is ended."

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Der Hölle Rache

Composition of the Day 2015.07.14 09:00

Luciana Serra was one of a kind, a coloratura who made you question the limits of the human voice.

Stage design by David Hockney for those interested.

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