'Giacomo Puccini'에 해당되는 글 11건

  1. 2015.10.24 Recondita armonia
  2. 2015.10.23 Non piangere, Liù
  3. 2015.07.17 Quando men vo
  4. 2015.04.07 Un bel dì
  5. 2015.01.22 O mio babbino caro

Recondita armonia

Composition of the Day 2015.10.24 09:00

Il mio solo pensiero,

Il mio sol pensier sei tu

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Non piangere, Liù

Composition of the Day 2015.10.23 09:00

Followed by the finale of the first act, Ah! Per l'ultima volta!

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Quando men vo

Composition of the Day 2015.07.17 09:00

Musetta's triumph:

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Un bel dì

Composition of the Day 2015.04.07 09:00

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O mio babbino caro

Composition of the Day 2015.01.22 09:00

Oh, dear papa, or how to change your father's mind in two minutes.

According to the libretto Lauretta is only 21 and Rinuccio is her first love, a fact later revealed in their duet. Therefore we must take into account her naivety: "Oh, daddy! He's so good looking. I want to buy that engagement ring. If you break us up I'm going to drown myself in the river. Oh my god. Come on daddy. Please!"

Mildly infuriating in text, yet so beautiful in song.

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