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  1. 2007.07.11 F. Kafka - Raban
  2. 2007.06.28 January 16, 1922

F. Kafka - Raban

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From the "Wedding Preparations"

And what is more, can't I do what I always did in dangerous undertakings as a child? I don't even need to go to the country myself; that isn't necessary. I'll send my fully clothed body. If it goes out the door of the room falteringly, this faltering is not a sign of fear but a sign of its nothingness. Furthermore, it is not excitement that causes my body to stumble on the stairs when it travels to the country, sobbing, eating its evening meal there in tears. For I, I shall meanwhile be lying in my bed, smoothly covered with my yellowish-brown quilt, getting the breeze that blows through the room from the slightly open door. The coaches and people on the street ride and walk hesitantly over the smooth, bare ground, for I am still dreaming. The coachmen and the people walking are shy and, looking at me, they ask my permission before each step they are about to take. I encourage them, and they do not encounter any obstacle. Lying in bed, I have the form of a large beetle. I would carry on then as if it were a matter of my hibernating - and I press my little legs against my bulging body. And I murmur a small number of words - those are instructions to my sorrowing body that is standing quite near me, leaning low over me. Before long I am through - my body bows, flits away, and will accomplish everything to best advantage while I rest.
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January 16, 1922

Cribs 2007.06.28 00:14
"...breakdown, impossible to sleep, impossible to stay awake, impossible to endure life, or, more exactly, the course of life. The clocks are not in unison; the inner one runs crazily on at a devilish or demoniac or in any case inhuman pace, the outer one limps along at its usual speed. What else can happen but that the two worlds split apart, and they do split apart, or at least clash in a fearful manner."

- Franz Kafka, diary entry
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