'Metropolitan Opera Orchestra'에 해당되는 글 6건

  1. 2017.04.01 "Jetzt, Schätzchen, jetzt sind wir allein," "O wär ich schon mit dir vereint"
  2. 2016.07.05 Ouvertüre
  3. 2015.10.23 Non piangere, Liù
  4. 2015.07.15 Ach, ich fühl's, es ist verschwunden
  5. 2015.07.14 Der Hölle Rache

"Jetzt, Schätzchen, jetzt sind wir allein," "O wär ich schon mit dir vereint"

Composition of the Day 2017.04.01 09:00

[. . .] The opera opens with a Mozartian banter between the two; Jaquino pressing his affections and Marzelline rejecting them. Listen to the lighthearted music tricking the audience into thinking this would be a comedy.

After that Marzelline sings an aira expanding on her love for Fidelio. Her music is florid and in the style of Mozart and his contemporary Cherubini, another composer Beethoven admired.

—Victoria Bond

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Composition of the Day 2016.07.05 09:00

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Non piangere, Liù

Composition of the Day 2015.10.23 09:00

Followed by the finale of the first act, Ah! Per l'ultima volta!

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Ach, ich fühl's, es ist verschwunden

Composition of the Day 2015.07.15 09:00

The diva as Pamina in 1991. Never to be seen on an opera stage again since her dismissal from the Met. In hindsight this aria is almost prophetic: "Ah, I feel that all is ended."

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Der Hölle Rache

Composition of the Day 2015.07.14 09:00

Luciana Serra was one of a kind, a coloratura who made you question the limits of the human voice.

Stage design by David Hockney for those interested.

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