'Tristan und Isolde'에 해당되는 글 4건

  1. 2016.06.12 Hörst du sie noch?
  2. 2016.05.16 O Wonne! Freude!
  3. 2016.02.04 Liebestod
  4. 2015.09.08 Erster Aufzug: Einleitung

Hörst du sie noch?

Composition of the Day 2016.06.12 09:00

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O Wonne! Freude!

Composition of the Day 2016.05.16 09:00

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Composition of the Day 2016.02.04 09:00

It was in his choice of Isolde that Carlos went well beyond the norm.

He chose Margaret Price. This Welsh soprano had never sung the role on stage and never would. Everything she brought to the recording came in pure form, unfiltered by stage experience or theatrical tradition, unmediated by any other hand than his. Price was almost eleven years younger than Carlos and wholly open to his point of view. Her attitude, the startling purity and ardent passion of her voice, her superb diction and collegiality made an ideal partner in this enterprise.

—Corresponding with Carlos: A Biography of Carlos Kleiber, Charles Barber

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Erster Aufzug: Einleitung

Composition of the Day 2015.09.08 09:00

By the time Richard Wagner came along with his opera Tristan and Isolde, this expressivity had hit an all-time high. Somehow, in the very first few bars of Tristan, Wagner had already created a music that was so dissonant, so expressive, so chromatic, so wandering in its modulations from key to key that the poor listener had almost lost his tonal bearings. He didn't know where he was; he was hard put to it to find a tonic home plate. Where are we in this music? We are suspended in some highly perfumed region, floating around in an atmosphere of unconsummated desire.

The Joy of Music, Leonard Bernstein

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