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  1. 2007.09.04 Random thoughts on feeding one's ego

Random thoughts on feeding one's ego

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<Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs>

Humans perform a wide variety of activities on the sole intent feeding their ego.


Flattery:    Includes verbal praise, respectful treatment and appreciative glances from others. However its precarious nature bears a risk – the slightest suggestion of disdain will stop the flattered cold on his tracks.


Sex:   Provides an opportunity to relieve one’s tensions, indulge on instinctive desire, but most importantly reminds him/her of the ability to please others sexually. For virility and libido is generally associated with strength in light of the modern society.


Acquisition:    The acquisition of wealth or title will guarantee a well fed ego. We all yearn for prestige. Even those who preach modesty feed on prestige. (The usual jargon: you win by losing, you gain by losing)


Boasting:     Perhaps the most prominent form(also the fastest) of feeding the ego, which involves all of the above mentioned. It will at times take on the guise of charity. If humans were not allowed to boast we would have gone extinct long ago.

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